Tapestry - Solely Rhythm 8
Tapestry - Solely Rhythm 8

Tapestry – Solely Rhythm

Choreography: Hannah Ballard
Composer and performer: Debian Blak
Performers: Vicki Bailey, Hannah Ballard, Katie Ballard, Lexi Bradburn, Marie Louise Flexen and Kara Fogerty

Previously performed at Pegasus Theatre, Oxford, Dancin’ Oxford Festival, Secret Garden, Bristol Harbour Festival, Swindon Dance.

A collaboration with musican and composer Debian Blak, featuring live music and an original soundtrack. Using an exciting blend of percussion instruments, Sole Rebel Tap responds with their quirky and unique rhythmic style.

Artistic Mentor: Simeon Weedall

"Fun-packed and entertainment, juxta-positioning classical and contemporary Tap which makes for a playful mix, The dancers are strong and each company member has a striking uniqueness about them that complement each other brilliantly." - Euton Daley MBE, Formerly Artistic Director/CEO Pegasus Theatre