Step In Time 7
Step In Time 7

Step In Time

Choreography and adaption: Hannah Ballard
Dancers: Vicki Bailey, Hannah Ballard, Katie Ballard, Lexi Bradburn, Lauren Brooke, Rebecca Coates, Emily Davey, Kara Fogerty, Cheryl Heuston, Claire Lydon-Strutt, Sarah Stead, Livvy Cross

Previously performed at Pegasus Theatre, Moving with the times, Dancin’ Oxford Festival, Swindon Dance.

Assistant Choreography: Katie Ballard

Special Guests:
Alice Oflley on Piano
Amarita Vargas, Creative Director – Oxford Flamenco Academy

"I really enjoyed watching Sole Rebel Tap, part of my enjoyment was the delight of the unexpected. I realised I had expected a certain type of tap performance, an entertaining tap routine perhaps as often seen in musicals. What this company did for this event was to show a very contemporary view of tapping. It celebrated the individual and the group - that really stood out for me." - Cecilia Macfarlane, Independent Dance Artist