Off the beaten track 1
Off the beaten track 1

Off the beaten track

Tap duo, Sole Rebel push their critically acclaimed tap dance into wondrous new theatrical stories with live music and comic rhythmic deviations in collaboration with wordsmith and music maker, Chris Redmond (Tongue Fu)
Directed by clown aficionado, Sean Kempton (Cirque De Soleil) Designer Stephanie O’Hara and produced by Claire Bigley.

Available for bookings from Autumn 2020 and beyond, please contact

Before every journey you look at a map, ask for directions, or at least check to see if you’re wearing the right pants, right? Apart from for the biggest journey of all…LIFE!

OFF THE BEATEN TRACK is a wonky, whack-handed wander-race, following three friends through life’s rhythms and cul-de-sacs, looking for joy or someone to blame.

WARNING. Contains frantic scenes, drum sex and great dollops of weirdness.