Jamie Howie ‘The Chicken Brothers’

Music for 'Spatterdash'

Hatching from the Liverpool Speakeasy (speakeasyliverpool.co.uk) in 2011 this feathered duo have taken their unique brand of party music┬áto Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party, Boomtown, Shabala, Glade, Beatherder, Festival Number 6, and Swingamajig in summers gone and in venues across the world in the darker months, including White Mink, Electro Swing Club London, Madame Electrofie’s Discotech, Vaudeville Rave, Cabaret Voltaire, Hot Club de Swing.

Serving up the best mechanically recovered beats in a free range bass-hop sauce, with healthy dollop of turntable trickery, the feathered brethren have developed a gastronomic following with an all-you-can-eat offer on food related puns.

“The best thing since Lou Bega” – Mkyo du Mal

“An action packed DJ tag team” – Nick Hollywood