Blushed 1
Blushed 1


Loosely inspired by The Red Shoes: a compendium of bonkers and brilliant adult fairytales told through tap dance. In turns anarchic, wonderful and wonky, these stories explore dated ideals through the eyes of modern-day adulthood.

Previously performed at Edinburgh Fringe, Vault Festival, London, Brighton Fringe Festival with Otherplace Productions and Arts at the Old Fire station.


TV Bomb: Anarchic, it doesn’t follow the rules.’
The Guardian: ‘Funny and smart… rich seams of comedy and rudeness with a rocking soundtrack.’
Total Theatre: Fierce performers; sexy & silly, performed with charm & character by two sassy women.’
The List: ‘The two performers are extremely likeable, good comedians and good tap dancers.’
The Observer: ‘Blushed by Sole Tap Rebel is larky, sexy, a bit rough at the edges, and irresistibly likeable.’
Ségolène Tarte, Dance Critic: ‘They’ve explored new ways of tapping, brought these new ways to the stage, and touched the audience; they’ve evolved, they’re experimenting, and they’re finding innovative and exciting ways to tap.’

Creative Team:

Co-created and performed by Hannah Ballard & Lexi Bradburn
Dramaturg: William Hartley
Production Manager: Sean Bruno
With guest direction from Award-winning performer/theater maker, Pita Lily –